What To Do If You Cheated On Your Ex Girlfriend

It can happen to anyone… All it takes is one moment of weakness, a single lapse in judgement, and before you know it you are in a world of trouble. Cheating is one of the worst things you could possibly do in a serious relationship. It my seem hopeless now, but you still can save your relationship.

If you cheated on your girlfriend

and want to know how to get your ex girlfriend back and fix your mistake, you have some to the right place. Now, I want you know that I do not condone cheating, but realize that everyone makes mistakes and those mistakes don’t have to ruin our relationships forever.

Save Your Relationship When You Cheated

Here are some tips to get your ex back:

1. First of all,  to win back your ex girlfriend you need to communicate with her. I’m assuming she probably doesn’t want to talk to you, or if she does, she may not have nice things to say to you. So, Your best course of action is to write her a letter. Don’t call her over and over or text her obsessively since this will just annoy her and make her want to talk to you less. A short, simple handwritten letter can be your best tool.

2. A short apology is important since you cheated on her. Keep it short, simple, and straight to the point. No sense in going into too much detail. Something along the lines of. “I know I messed up and for that I am sorry. I will never make that mistake again and just want the opportunity to prove to you that I have changed.”.

3. Some time apart is important, but it is also important that she at least hears from you so that she doesn’t think that she you’re done with her. She may feel like she is done with you at this point, this is where you have to give her reasons to want you back.

4. Don’t beg or even ask for her back. This is definitely not going to help you get your girlfriend back. It may very well have the opposite effect and chase her away.

5. Now, to win back your ex girlfriend you will want to make some positive changes in your life. Starting with dressing nice, maybe working out, and getting that badly needed hair cut. You could go as far as to try to find a better job (or get a job if you don;t have one), getting a better car, eating healthier, etc. You will want to do things that she will notice as well as make you feel better about yourself.

6. In order to get your ex girlfriend to want you back, you should think of how she might act if she couldn’t have you back. It is human nature to want what you can’t have, women are especially known for this. You can use this to your advantage, but be careful that you don’t make your ex think that you could cheat again. One way to do this are to be friends with girls that she may know.

7. Your best bet to get your ex girlfriend back is going to be starting out as friends. Suggest briefly in your letter that you would like to remain friends. Then, in about a week, if you haven’t heard from her, follow up with another letter asking her how shes doing and requesting she hang out with you and some friends as to not put too much pressure on her.

8. The most important tip to get your ex back are to always take it slow. Never try to rush your relationship; it is very fragile at this point. So, take baby steps. It is great to start out as friends and get to know each other better. This is a great way to avoid setting yourself up for more problems.


Here’s how to get your ex girlfriend back with a handwritten letter:


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