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Hi! I’m Jay Ruggs and I want to tell you a little bit about myself. I have always loved helping others out more than anything else. I am the kind of person that people go to when they are having problems, mainly relationship related problems.

To be honest, I was getting annoyed listening to some of the drama and problems couples were having until I got involved in my first of several relationship problems myself. I realized that Women are beautiful yet very difficult creatures.

As my friends and co-workers came to me with their relationship issues, I listened and gave my input based on only my personal experiences (which were very few to begin with). I look back at girlfriends I let get away and wonder what could have come of relationships I let slip away.

I was alone and lost for years due to my lack of knowledge and action. I didn’t know what to do, so I did nothing… You can guess where that got me. Years later, after a divorce a couple weeks in jail due to false charges from my ex-wife, and a year long custody battle for my son (which came with an $8,000 lawyer bill), I have full custody of my first son.

I am happily married and have kids with my current wife. Through my experiences I have learned that communication is the key for any relationship to work. This applies to friendships, work, and even with relatives. Often times emotion takes over and things happen that both parties regret. Again, communication is the only way to fix these fights, break ups, divorces, or separations.

For all of you with broken hearts , I feel for you and want to help you take action by showing you how to open the lines of communication first. Next, I want you to understand how to manage your contact with your ex and further rebuild your relationship and keep it strong. For those of you who are seeking to avoid a break up, I respect you and want to help you in any way I can.

Although I talk in my blog about getting your ex back, there are many techniques in the system I promote that are designed to prevent a breakup from occurring. I truly believe that any relationship problem or breakup is salvageable. Invest in your relationship.   Jay Ruggs




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